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Deliveries that will Empower Your Business Growth – Wooz Delivery is an on-demand delivery service with live GPS tracking that helps you to send documents, items, and more.

Delivery For Items Big & Small

Our nationwide courier service in Nigeria offers the following:

  • Fast delivery at flat rates
  • Accurate online tracking of your package
  • Next day delivery and same-day delivery options
  • SMS notifications to keep your recipient informed
  • Automated return of undelivered items to the sender
  • Sufficient resources and advanced management to ensure timely delivery.

100% Guarantee

We assure 100% guaranteed service.

Express Shipping

We offer express shipping.

Same Day Delivery

We deliver within 24 Hours.

High Certified

We have a team of experts.


Our Vision

Wooz Delivery aims to revolutionize the delivery industry through cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, becoming the go-to delivery solution for businesses and individuals.


Our Mission

At Wooz Delivery, our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective delivery services to businesses, while leveraging technology to enhance the delivery experience for our customers.


Our Story

Wooz Delivery’s founders saw challenges in traditional delivery models and created an innovative solution with advanced tech, optimizing routes and tracking in real-time for efficient delivery.

Same Day Delivery

Same-day courier service to cover all parts of Nigeria. Our couriers can retrieve your parcel(s) from your location and deliver them to the intended destination in as quickly as 1 hour, depending on the distance and time required. All this is done at a minimal flat rate, making same-day delivery more convenient and affordable than ever before. Trust us to get your package delivered quickly and efficiently.

The Process Is Easy

Simply sign-up for an account or download our app from the Apple App Store for your Apple device or on Google Play for Android and follow the guided instructions to request your parcel pick-up location for same-day courier delivery. Our dispatch service in Montreal will quickly link up with our drivers to swiftly retrieve your parcel and deliver it on time to its destination. 

Messenger Service

Well-equipped with experienced messengers to efficiently serve all of Nigeria. Our messengers are highly skilled in navigating the quickest routes, avoiding high-traffic areas and will provide real-time location updates every 15 minutes until delivery is made. With same-day messengers who handle the pick-up and delivery of your lightweight packages, you no longer need to worry about traffic problems and fuel charges. Trust Wooz’s team of messengers to deliver your package today.

Special On-demand Deliveries

For Nigeria, we provide special on-demand deliveries to any location within the country. Whether it’s documents, packages, or freight, we ensure that your items are delivered to the right destination at the right time. Our team of dedicated courier professionals is available 24/7 to receive and process your online orders, and every member of our delivery staff is extensively trained to provide top-notch service. No job is too big or too small for us to handle, including same-day delivery.

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Our Services

We move anything anywhere

Our courier service across Nigeria offers the following:

  • Accurate online tracking of your package
  • Sufficient resources and advanced management to ensure on-time delivery
  • Automated return of undelivered items to the sender

Express Shipping

Enjoy upfront fixed fares and cashless payments, and get live delivery updates and photo proof of delivery.

Corporate Account

Monthly billing for corporate users.
Create multiple sub-accounts for various business units.

Extra Services

Food Delivery

Queue Services

Fragile Items

Type of vehicles:

Choose from 2 vehicle types for items from 500 g to 50 kg.
Competitive pricing and real-time tracking. Enjoy upfront fixed fares and cashless payments, and get live delivery updates and photo proof of delivery.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (Sedan)

For fragile items like cakes, flowers, or larger items.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (SUV)

For small appliances, furniture, and bulky items.


Review from our clients

Your staff, from the person that answers the phone to the person making the pick-up or delivery, is excellent! We appreciate your professionalism and wonderful service.

Joan L. Fashion boutique client

Speaking for myself, I am very happy with your service! Pick-ups are always prompt and I have not experienced any trouble with deliveries.

Maggy E. Legal Industry Client

Your staff has been fantastic. Whenever we need a pickup and delivery even for some complicated ones, it gets done on time. You have made my life easier. Kudos to all your staff.

Ken H. Manufacturing Industry Client


Frequently Asked Questions

Wooz  is equipped with experienced messengers to service Nigeria expertly. They will expertly navigate the quickest routes while avoiding high-traffic areas and update their locations every 15 minutes until delivery.

Yes, that is what we are famous for and if you book your consignment for delivery before 11AM, expect to get the delivery before 5PM, the same day.

At Wooz, you can send a FTL (Full Truck Load) of couriers or LTL (Less Than Truck Load) packages and we will ship take them to their destinations.

We have highly trained and experienced staff who know how to navigate in traffics, suburbs and some use bikes for short-distance travel. We also have state of the art navigation system which allows us to choose the shortest and least congested route for pickups and deliveries.

Yes, we are always ready to pick up packages and consignments from homes and offices. You do not need to visit our office or warehouse for sending your packages.

As soon as you book us for the pickup of your consignment, we shall come to pick it up. Remember that we are famous for making deliveries on the same day.

Yes, we do provide services for picking up gift-baskets, cards, birthday items etc.

Yes, we have prompt messenger services which are as quick as the rain drops.

Yes, we do have pick up and drop facility to and from fedex, ups,Canada Post

It is true that we make quick deliveries of the consignments but it is not done is a hurry. Our quickness is in managing time and cutting short the unnecessary work and routes along with priority to first come and first dispatch to consignments.

That’s what makes us different from all those so called professionals and prompt service providers. As explained earlier, we don’t do anything in a hurry and nor do we procrastinate. Our workers are well trained and they know how important each and every package is to our clients. That is why we handle your packages as if our own.

Yes, we do provide white glove services upon request. We can pack and unpack the package(s) and take extra care in handling and delivery of the package(s), as suggested by our clients. This service is perfect also for sending anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and cards etc.

We are very professional in our workspace and therefore, your data is very safe with us and it is confidential all the time. So, you can rest assured that all your data will not get lost or leak anywhere.

Yes, if the client is in a lot of rush or running out of time, then we have emergency point to point messenger and delivery services along with print and reach/post services.

We have state of the art booking and dispatch system which updates the clients in real time about their packages/consignments and intimates them when the addressee get the items delivered to their address.

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Wooz Delivery is an on-demand delivery service with live GPS tracking that helps you to send documents, items, and more.


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